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Goats & Coffee!

The story may or may not be true. We included the link in our Sites of Interest, because it is about  two of our favorite things: Goats and Coffee!
When the Baaad Girls & Rebel Guys are out on a job…
Come morning, a good cup of coffee starts the day off right (for the humans…For the goats every day is a good day!)

What to call a “Bunch” of goats (and “bunch” is NOT it!)

The proper collective nouns are:
Herd – A group of cattle, sheep, or domestic mammals, all of the same kind
Trip – always refers to goats but I couldn’t find why…
Flock – Flocking is a behavior (sticking together) that goats do. Goats should NEVER  be kept alone, they always need at least one companion.
Drove – a group of animals (herd or flock) moving together (very Scottish sounding)
Tribe – a family, race, or series of generations, descending from the same progenitor, and kept distinct, as in the case of the twelve tribes of Israel, descended from the twelve sons of Jacob.
OR…  a number of species or genera having certain structural characteristics in common; as, a tribe of plants; a tribe of animals.

“Tribe” is probably the best descriptive because it also implies extended family.
These goats are not live eating ”machines” as much as they are Donna’s working companions, each having a unique  personality and a place in the larger tribe.